City of Cherokee Villlage Planning Committee Agenda

January 5, 2015


      Clarence Gordon – 29 Keno Drive – 870-966-4229 - Has a 12 x 20 wooden Bald Eagle storage building at his house outside of Cherokee Village and has spoken with Bald Eagle about moving to 29 Keno Drive.  Storage building has electricity, insulation and is finished.  He will place the building 5’ to 6’ behind the house.  Mr. Gordon knows where his septic system is.

      Scott Paul – Midlake Marine – 257-3242-is putting a three sided storage building on the corner lot at Highway 64/412 and Tekakwitha Drive (next door to their boat sales on Highway 64/412).  The building will be used to store boats and will not be accessible to the general public.  The Planning & Zoning office is requesting permission for this area to be crushed rock like their other storage facility.

      James Mackstreet – White River Medical Center – is requesting that they purchase one (1) business permit for the building instead of four (4).  All offices are under one tax id number and all employees are paid by the same entity.  However, each one bills separately and has a separate telephone number.  They have used Fred’s as an example because Fred’s only purchases one (1) business permit.

 Planning Meeting

  1. Bob Bickle - Call meeting to order & approve minutes from December 1, 2014 Planning Commissioners meeting.
  2. Bob Bickle – Planning Commissioners appoint a new Chairman.
  3. Chuck Kristopeit – Review Parks & Planning Committee activities.
  4. Phil Caves – Report on Building Inspections.
  5. Mike Eash – Report on Code Enforcement