Snow Removal


Never underestimate Arkansas winters! They bring everything from snowstorms to freezing ice storms to a 70 degree vacation between with thunderstorms. When snow and ice does hit, our plows have three hundred miles of roads to clear. We have six vehicles equipped with snow plows and salt spreaders prepared to remove the snow/ ice from our roadways. We also utilize a grader when ice has accumulated on the roadway. On days when snow is plowed, our crews drive an average of 120 miles per day.

We offer these tips to help the Cherokee Village crews make your travels faster and safer:

Don’t Park on the Street! Move your cars out of the street and especially cul-de-sacs into the driveways when an accumulating snow is predicted. It is difficult to maneuver trucks around on dry pavement let alone in icy conditions. If there is a vehicle on the street, it may be passed or skipped entirely.

Give plows & salt trucks room to maneuver. When applying salt and plowing snow they have to change lanes, back up and make more frequent stops. DO NOT TAILGATE, in the best of conditions visibility is difficult, adding snow and salt exacerbate the situation.

Don’t pass trucks when salt is being applied or snow is being plowed. Keeping control of your vehicle can be extremely difficult.

Don’t pull out into the intersection when snowplow trucks are approaching. Drivers cannot control the snow coming off the plow blades. The snow often contains rocks and other debris from the roadway.

• Don’t shovel snow into the street when clearing sidewalks, driveways and parking lots. This makes clearing the roadway more difficult and creates more hazardous ice patches.

• WE PLOW CITY STREETS, NOT DRIVEWAYS! Snow plows typically leave a lump of snow at the ends of driveways as they clear the roadways. If the City had the means to clear that lump, we would. Why can’t we? It would take weeks instead of 36 hours to completely plow the City. There just are’t enough hours, staff, money and equipment to do it. We need residents to take responsibility to clear the lump of snow at the end of their driveway. If you have a neighbor that needs help, please give them a hand.

What roads get plowed first?

The City of Cherokee Village snow and ice control operations to make the roads safe and accessible during the winter season. We have divided the plowing operations into five sectors with priority locations.

• Priority I – Major City Roads, not maintained by the state/county. Emergency services providers (CVFD, CVPD, Ambulance & Emergency Room)
• Priority II – Remaining Residential Streets
• Priority III – All other streets within the sector.

Plowing operations will be initiated when snow accumulates more than four (4) inches. Cherokee Village's 297 miles of local roads take 36 hours to clear after a snowstorm passes.

When snow accumulates eight or more (5+) inches or we have complications like freezing rain or more snow fall, clearing will take longer than the standard 36 hours. For snowfalls less than four (4) inches, we salt and treat the hills, intersections and curves as needed.

Please make this a safe winter season and drive carefully!